Michael Peterson

from repeater

who teachest you your read, your speak,
  tossed so like a locust in the sun,
enduring as a shadow even as sun declineth–
  there’s shorthand, you know,
to lend your pain some speed, some length
  is no bad thing, but this pushing
and all that, curbs you before you
  make the grievance plain.
Ex holding forth an m for exemplum for example,
  nc for nec, not nat for nature, but na with
two orbs above suggesting halos, from Grk.
  halos, made then maybe as h- with
(o) the disk or shield or moon and either the
  arms which raise it or its utter
smallness, the body too large to hide itself
  behind, the body open to elementa
(the quick of its depiction is to think the
  word a gas, invisible but for its
-eh and -ah which you scribe inside the sign
  of a cross) or peccatum which is, flatly,
pccm yoked with a single bar above the vowels
  you omit (think: sins) but instans
which is moment and not too long but gets
  much faster as

 a single stave shot through, ankle to
  shoulder (think: it tells you think,
that your thinking cannot carry on forever).