Donna Stonecipher


I-am-Tatjana in Paris. I-am-Tatjana
in Rome. I-am-Tatjana in

under the dirty blooming domes

of the Blue
Mosque. I-am-Tatjana

aiming my camera up at the faraway
apex. I-am-Tatjana

getting down on my sexual
knees. I-am-Tatjana,

blue formulary, I-am-
Tatjana, garden-variety, I-am-

Tatjana a bottle
methodically filled from the bottle

of Serbian brandy invisible
at a distance of fifty

streets. I-am-Tatjana
and Je t’aime.

I-am-Tatjana formerly virginal lost
in the sweet

medina. I-am-Tatjana
in a blue

dress in front of the Blue
Mosque in the stereoscopic

photograph Aleksandar
used to keep in the honored

spot upon his steel