Travis Smith

discourse on the
lion’s smile

I awoke
and put on my jackanapes coat
with the silver buttons.
I bought a mango
at the open-air market
and it meant something
the opposite of lantern
like a lion smiling
means beauty and error.
With the mango in hand
everyone avoided me.
The conjurors did not approach
with their juggling balls
made of wax and cork
and somehow
backgammon. Mr. Snow
did not accost me
once again with his cupola
offer or his tender incunabula.
You might think
I felt like a king
walking that alone.
Walking and thinking
about the body politic
and myself the atavistic
flipper. I walked
until there was nothing
but the theater
and the newest film.
It was the same
as the old film
only all the rain scenes
had been removed.