Agustín Fernández Mallo

from nocilla dream: 13

a long time ago [so long it seems like centuries] there was a very important and famous author called Italo Calvino who invited us to imagine a very beautiful city formed solely of water pipes. A mess of snarled piping which [according to Calvino] rises vertically where the houses should be and spread out horizontally where the floors should be. At the ends of the pipes white bathrooms can be glimpsed, showers and bathtubs where women luxuriate in the water. The reason [according to Calvino] is that these women are nymphs and these pipes were for them the optimum means of getting from place to place so as to live free and unobstructed in their natural aquatic realm. What he did not invite us to imagine was that within each of us another, even more complex city exists; the system of veins, vessels and arteries around which blood circulates; a city with neither taps, nor apertures, nor drainage pipes, only an endless channel whose constant return consolidates the ‘I’ we hope might save us from the fatal scattering of our identity across the Universe. We all bear inside ourselves a desert, something immobile; a period of time that has mineralized, is at a standstill. Hence the ‘I’ may consist of an immovable hypothesis, one assigned to us at birth and that, until the last, we’re seeking to demonstrate, unsuccessfully.