Agustín Fernández Mallo

from nocilla dream: 48

description: all materials, all objects, everything we see, are clots—catastrophes that took place on the neutral, two-dimensional, isotropic plane coterminous with The Beginning. These are the so-called 1st Order Catastrophes. When a foreign agent alters the equilibrium of one of these objects, it breaks off on unpredictable tangents, dragging behind it other objects—whether near or far—in a kind of domino effect. This we call the 2nd Order Catastrophe. The desert, given its flatness and isotropic nature, is the least catastrophic place. That is, except when the silence is broken by a scarab beetle dragging a stone along, or when in some fold in the land a blade of grass emerges, or when a poplar finds water and grows. Then a petrol station attendant in the Albacete desert kills time by scrunching up the pages of newspapers into boluses the size of beach balls and throwing them onto the flats on the far side of the road. it will be more like the American desert this way, he thinks, with its tumbleweed. Clots of paper, information roving erratically around, recipientless, sketching varying theorems, their dissemination governed by the wind. And this, it goes without saying, also counts as a 2nd Order Catastrophe.