Agustín Fernández Mallo

from nocilla dream:76

the dust from the thousands of building sites in beijing has obliged the authorities to reconsider, for the first time, the pace of westernizing growth. The wind drags large, quasi-solid masses [virtual solids, we might call them] of sand and cement as far as Dalian, a port city on the Yellow Sea, and deposits them in the waters, which are also becoming gradually more solid and yellow all the time. They’ll carry on covering Beijing, layer upon layer, until the only thing peeking out will be the tallest skyscrapers, and the place will eventually become a desert. at which moment it will be exactly the same as a desert in Spain, Morocco, Mongolia and North America. Just as all the water and all the PCs on earth are in some way connected, so are all deserts one [so the same will therefore go for the cities buried by them: the streets, squares and motorways having disappeared, only one recognizable address will remain: the one defining the gravity vector which points towards an ever-more distant centre of the earth].