Kenneth Yuen

from cranberry morpheme

Turn off the porchlight, pleaseyou say

I can’t—

with all this light this light this light this light this light

our bed is framed this way to wake
with sun as it comes rising low (& what
I know I know
through memory—remember
when you told me you felt closest
in the dark) (we are ourselves
when no one sees)

light please (light please)

I do it for some time away.
& lean my shoulder on the door.
I start to offer poor apologies
but go

our moment moves like human years
too fast & yet too slow

My eyes are hot with all this light
at 3am the porch is taller than the world
& I have vertigo
& more
I want to go back home
but this is where I live
I only have to flip a switch.
where we seep light

unbounded at the stairs

lights please: lights’s off: your voice: come back: okay